Relationships often start out happy and you may have an expectation that you will always feel in love, passionate, close, secure, satisfied and happy. And that your relationships will be harmonious and stress free.

I believed this too...

Then reality hits..

You've been together a while. Your relationship isn't feeling as good as it once did. You desperately want to feel loved, valued, understood, appreciated.
You're committed to each other but feel taken for granted. You're not even sure you have anything in common anymore. Nothing you do seems to make the difference you want.
Every time you try and sort it out you keep looping through the old patterns. You just wish your partner could see and understand what you're trying to say.
You may have even tried romantic weekends away to reignite your passion for each other.
You're not ready to walk away but you're feeling really stuck.

That's where I come in...

I've walked this road myself. I know how frustrating it can be. I use an evidence based program and it's proven to be effective in bringing about change. 

"Our session with you was not just good, it was excellent!! "



Sessions are available via Zoom or in my Highfields Clinic


I get both of you to tell me your story. We cover all the big topics like communication, conflict, how you manage stress, personality types, intimacy, roles, goals, family patterns, parenting, time and I create a snapshot of your relationship for you so you can see exactly whats working well and what areas need focus. This makes the counselling process so much more efficient and cost effective as we've defined the problem areas right before we begin.


So often couples get stuck trying to talk to each other. The beautiful thing about this process is it gives you both a voice and stimulates discussion around important topics. We'll explore what each persons wants, needs and desires and find ways for these to be met within the relationship. I'll show you how to talk so your partner listens to you and I'll show you what listening really means.


This process allows us to quickly hone in on the areas you're struggling with, so right from the beginning you'll receive really practical things to do to make the shifts you're looking for. Most couples notice shifts straight away and are surprised by what comes out of the first session alone. Research shows this model of Relationship Therapy increases relationship skills and satisfaction in most couples. The effectiveness increases the earlier couples seek help.

"Jo has a warm, caring, positive nature and her sessions have helped shape me into a happier, self loving, less anxious person which has improved not only my outlook on life but my marriage also. "


Start Repairing Now

Counselling can be very daunting - in general couples wait an average of 6 years of being unhappy before they seek help.
In my experience the sooner couples address these issues the greater the chance of repair.
I use a thorough intake process based on psychological research to gain a clear understanding of what your relationship strengths are and what specific areas you are needing support and guidance in. That gives us a clear framework to work within. I also show you proven techniques to use to enhance your communication and connection.
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Growing Together...

I want you to know it is possible to:
  • Reconnect and rebuild connection, conversation and intimacy.
  • Break the patterns you are stuck in
  • Create new ways of interacting with each other to achieve greater understanding
  • Develop skills to talk through issues and move towards a more loving connection. 

It's time you put yourselves first.

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On average couples wait 6 years of feeling unhappy before seeking change

The sooner you start the less distress, hurt, anger and resentment you'll need to work through.

"Not only have the sessions with Jo helped me personally and professionally, they have also helped our family. We have a more open and closer relationship with communication being very important in our household."


"My sessions with you came at a time in my life where I was at a cross road with my marriage. I needed support and guidance to know where I was at, why I was feeling the way I was and which path I was needing to take to fulfil my life. After each session I had a sense of clarity come over me, questions were delved into deeper........they weren’t necessarily answered but you gave me so much to think about. I felt more confident to have the conversations I needed to have with my husband and I began the new path of finding the answers I had been looking for. I still to this day use the relationship advice you spoke of.......patterns in relationships, family influences, conflict resolution and ultimately finding happiness in yourself before you can be happy for everyone else around you. You are the ear that understands, the heart that is always open and the woman who connects to other women. "


Crossroad Counselling

Sometimes you get to a point where one or both people are seriously considering leaving the relationship.

One person pretty much has one foot out the door - the other person may or may not want the relationship to work.

Relationship Counselling is not effective at this stage.

I offer an alternative called Crossroad Counselling for couples to attend together to talk through separation as an option. 

This is an alternative to Relationship Counselling and helps couples decide if they want to continue their relationship or if ending it is the best option.

It gives the couple the opportunity to express thoughts and feelings and is not intended to solve problems.

Crossroad Counselling allows for honest, open communication in a supportive place, where current thoughts, feelings and concerns for the future can be explored.


"Jo did marriage counselling during the breakdown of my marriage- it was such a non-judgmental environment that really opened my eyes to things that had both frustrated me in the relationship, as well as things I could have done better. Whilst my former-husband and I weren’t meant to be, I would highly recommend her."


"I first sought the help of Jo following my unexpected marriage breakdown. Jo was absolutely amazing. Right from the beginning I felt completely at ease talking to her. She helped me see my situation from different perspectives and often gave me insight into how I was feeling when even I didn’t know. Jo gave me strategies to try when dealing with other people around this situation that were causing me much anxiety and I still use many of these strategies today. Beyond the reasons that I initially went to seek support for, Jo also managed to help me find joy in the things I had and hope for the future."