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Kinesiology is a stress management system. Stress can show up in our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviour, physical bodies and energy systems. Using Kinesiology is kind of like 'googling' your subconscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions for information via muscle monitoring. 

I'll provide a safe space for us to meet via Zoom or the phone and take my time to get to know you and what you'd like to gain from our sessions. We will spend time talking together and if you'd like Kinesiology we will do a balance online during the second half of our session.

My approach is to encourage you to notice when you need a balance and also to teach you skills to access your own inner wisdom. There will be no pressure for you to attend regular sessions. Clients who notice the most significant life changes are the ones who prioritise their wellbeing and attend regular sessions in particular the programs I've developed.

Relationships, Stress, Perfectionism, People Pleasing and Self Worth

You're not able to claim your sessions with private health insurance however many clients are able to claim them as a tax deduction if they're work related eg professional development for stress management, conflict resolution and communication.

I don't try to be everything to everyone. My skills are best suited to people aged 18 years and over. There are some fabulous therapists who work with children and I can give you a referral if you need.

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"I'm definitely feeling stronger after our session. Thank you for showing me a guiding light for the next phase of my life."


"The unique thing about our sessions was your gentle, kind and accepting manner."



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"You helped me put things in perspective and reminded me of how important it is to look after myself."


"I came with no energy, no self confidence, much shame and low self worth. You helped me see myself from within and build my own connection with myself through self forgiveness and self compassion, self acceptance and self belief."


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"I'm so grateful for the tools and strategies you have given me."


"As soon as I met you I immediately felt at ease and in a place of warmth and acceptance."


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