I'm Jo, let me introduce myself....

A little background info 1990 - 2022

  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Counselling, Outdoor Adventure Groups, Young Mums Support Groups, Relationship and Sexuality Education, Advocate for Young Women
  • Accredited Relationship Counsellor - Relationships Australia
  • Home Birther and Mother
  • Private Practise - Counselling and Kinesiology empowering women and supporting couples.
  • Pre-Marriage Education Facilitator
  • Kinesiologist
  • Women's Circle Facilitator
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I'll be honest with you....

Even Relationship Counsellors need help, after 18 years together my own marriage fell apart.

I've felt the shame that came along with it. 

In hindsight we can see in being overly focused on our children, our work and our separate interests we lost each other.

I know what it's like to be a woman who has lost my sense of self in my relationship.

We had classic patterns of interacting and attachment that eroded our connection.

We separated for a few years and for the last 7 years have been working hard on building a strong connection as a couple.

When you work with me I'll bring my education and evidence based approach to therapy; my decades of professional experience working with couples, women and men; and also the depth of my life experience - relationships are hard, messy and you don't need to be judged for where you are at.

I'll meet you with understanding, knowledge, experience, compassion and respect.


Work With Me

"You are an amazing woman who figured me out from the first time I saw you."


In a nutshell I help couples rediscover their conversation, intimacy and create a future they can look forward to

Together we will strive to find your lost passion, rebuild your connection with one another and give you new skills to turn towards each other during times of stress.

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"Thank you for our session. I feel like a weight has been lifted off me, I haven't felt at ease like this in a long time."


My passion is creating safe spaces for women to shine

Ultimately the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. I will show you how to cultivate kindness within and help you make peace with your past actions, your thoughts and your feelings. 

Boundaries are the foundation of healthy relationships and a strong sense of self worth. I will walk you through the steps to put your needs first without feeling guilty; how to see yourself with compassion and ultimately bring a sense of joy to your everyday.

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"As always you inspire me to keep moving forward, give me support when I need it and skills to continue."


Therapy changes lives daily.

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"I feel amazing and can't wait for our next session!"


"Thanks Jo I appreciate your help and kindness. You certainly made me aware of the thoughts I need to change - now everything makes so much more sense."


"I would absolutely recommend your services to anyone who is searching for a guiding light in their journey through life."


"I feel positive and motivated because I have the direction I need to move forward, thanks Jo."