Feeling Stressed?

I see you! You are tired of feeling taken for granted, not heard, worn out, overwhelmed and you may even struggle to put yourself first. You probably go to bed promising to look after yourself better tomorrow, to be more organised and more loving to your family.

  • Deep down you just want to feel calm, understood, heard and accepted for who you are.
Yes thats me!

I'm guessing you might relate to some of the following....

  • On the outside you're strong, capable, independent and successful. You've been brought up with the motto Women Can Do Anything - which you interpret as Woman Can Do Everything.
  • On the inside you're incredibly lonely, feel inadequate and don't feel comfortable letting people see your vulnerabilities.
  • You're good at taking responsibility for others and feel most worthy when you're achieving or doing (you may even feel guilty doing things for yourself).
  • You find yourself saying 'Yes' to things and later regretting it...leading to feelings of anger and resentment.
  • You worry, over think, you're constantly stressed and not sure the last time you felt relaxed.
  • You care what others think of you and want everyone to like you. You get really upset if someone is angry or upset with you.
  • You've been hurt deeply before or let down by someone you love. You're guarded and find it hard to trust people and be vulnerable.
  • You feel secure when you are in control and you know what's going on.
  • You have a close relationship that's causing you to feel stressed. You've tried different things and aren't sure how to move forwards.
  • You've experienced a change lately thats affected how you see yourself. Maybe it's a change in a relationship, situation or event. It may have brought up feelings of grief and loss.
  • You find it hard to express yourself, ask for what you want or tell people what you think. Damn it you're not even sure you know what you want or need anymore.
  • You're open minded. You know there is a connection between your emotional and your physical wellbeing. You're ready for change but not sure what to do next.

You have a deep longing to feel seen, valued, accepted and loved as you are.

The only problem is...

You're not sure what to do next. 

You've tried things, had a massage, talked to friends, taken a day off...and still you feel out of balance, overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed.

That's why I'm here!

I've been working with women for over 25 years and know how to gently guide you to find that change you're looking for.

Are you being called to know yourself better; make peace with yourself; get in touch with how you feel and what you need; maintain balance emotionally and mentally; to better regulate your feelings and ultimately hold yourself with loving kindness?

The hardest part is showing up for yourself....are you ready?

YES! Start Now

"This was so much more effective than a standard counselling session. I would leave each session feeling empowered, strong, calm and valued no matter how many tears were shed during my session!"



You have the choice of a Zoom session in the comfort of your home or you can come to my office 5 minutes north of Highfields, Qld.

Counselling - We talk

Talking helps you find your voice. We'll sit together and I'll listen to you. Talking also helps get all those thoughts that are bouncing around your head out. This will be your safe place to share your concerns and together we'll find strategies and tools you can take away and continue to use as you need them.


Kinesiology - I tune

Stress can show up in our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, behaviour, physical bodies and energy systems. Using Kinesiology is like "googling' your subconscious and unconscious thoughts and emotions for information about your stress via muscle monitoring. You might be surprised by what comes up.

Empowerment - You feel

Afterwards you may feel: More confident asking for what you want; Kinder to yourself when you mess up; Able to collect your thoughts before responding; You can let go of people who are not good for you; More confident to set and hold boundaries with people; You are moving in the right direction even when things get tough.


"The kinesiology sessions were a first for me - I was a little hesitant but you understood me as an individual, both currently as an adult but also how I was as a child by simply holding my wrist...incredible"



Empowerment Therapy is a gentle mix of Kinesiology and Counselling and can help with:

  • Strategies for coping with stress
  • Supporting you during times of loss, change, transition and grief
  • Your relationships including partners, friends, family and colleagues.
  • How you feel about yourself - including pleasing other people.
  • Excessively worrying and feeling overwhelmed.


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"Initially, I was nervous about attending a session, not knowing how it would feel opening up about my emotions and what I was struggling with. But as soon as the session started Jo made me feel comfortable and I was able to open up about what I was struggling with. Every session since the first has made me feel lighter and more focused and has helped me learn to look inwards before looking outwards and helped me build healthy relationships. The sessions always make me feel like I am in a safe non judgemental space. The kinesiology along with the counselling also helps set my intentions and ensures that my mental and physical self are aligned. I would definitely recommend Jo to anyone who is looking for guidance and support to help them achieve goals and overcome personal challenges in life."


"When you walk through my door I want you to feel safe, welcome, valued and understood"

Jo Stevenson

"My sessions have made me more aware of my patterns and have also allowed me to meet myself with kindness and patience. It has given me a platform to help build my esteem and worth, to find myself and what I want underneath all the other layers. These tools alone have had profound changes across all of my relationships, but I would say, most importantly, the one with myself. "


"As soon as I met Jo I immediately felt at ease and in a place of warmth and acceptance, physically and spiritually. I had a lot of emotions to work through and Jo was so supportive and nurturing. I came with no energy, no self-confidence, much shame and low self-worth and Jo helped me see myself from within and build my own connection with myself through self- forgiveness, and self-compassion, self-acceptance and self-belief. From there I have been able to focus on positive steps forward in my relationship with myself and with my family and friends. I am at a place of peace and happiness now and I can’t thank Jo enough for her guidance and support. The unique thing about our sessions was her gentle, kind and accepting manner. I felt safe, heard, understood and loved. It was very emotional for me to have someone support me and believe in me as a person and I can’t thank Jo enough. I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is searching for a guiding light in their journey through life. "


"I felt so apprehensive about contacting Jo but I knew I desperately needed support. Immediately in Jos’ presence I felt calmer and relieved, I had someone who could help. Jo has a warm, caring, positive nature and her sessions have helped shape me into a happier, self loving, less anxious person which has improved not only my outlook on life but my marriage also. "


"My sessions with you came at a time in my life where I was at a cross road with my marriage. I needed support and guidance to know where I was at, why I was feeling the way I was and which path I was needing to take to fulfil my life. After each session I had a sense of clarity come over me, questions were delved into deeper........they weren’t necessarily answered but you gave me so much to think about. I felt more confident to have the conversations I needed to have with my husband and I began the new path of finding the answers I had been looking for. I still to this day use the relationship advice you spoke of.......patterns in relationships, family influences, conflict resolution and ultimately finding happiness in yourself before you can be happy for everyone else around you. You are the ear that understands, the heart that is always open and the woman who connects to other women. "


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How Empowerment helps

Some of the changes people notice after Empowerment Therapy are:

  • You are kinder to yourself when you mess up
  • You feel like you are flowing in the right direction, even when things get tough
  • You are able to let go of people who are not good for you
  • You are able to collect your thoughts before responding
  • You start to set and hold boundaries with people
  • You are more comfortable asking for what you need